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Our production department has expertise in funding and producing international co-productions. We could provide funding and facilitate all production or post-production needs in Belgium.

Triskelion, A Celtic Fable

Genre: Stop-motion animation, fantasy

Triskelion is a celtic fantasy stop-motion film of 8 minutes. It's about the daughter of a tribal chief, who, after the murder on her father by a rivaling clan, has to fulfill her father's last wish: peace with that clan.

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Genre: short drama thriller

Samuel, a lonely writer who has fallen ashore, spends his days in his secluded home in a gray, desolate valley. A serious condition to his brain causes him to deteriorate further and create black holes in his memory.

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Underground (Le Clandestin)

Genre: Musical, tragicomedy

In a near future where men and women no longer speak the same language, they come together in a secret nightclub 'Le Clandestin'. The men dance, the women sing. Rose is the star singer and shines on the podium. The enchantment of her singing creates joy and desire in the hearts of the spectators. Juan, the cleaner of the club, can't resist the desire any longer.

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Genre: Psychological Thriller

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Les Choses En Face

Genre: Drama

When fate breaks two strangers apart, it is pain that brings them together to man up and face the reality.

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