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Status: Production
Genre: short drama thriller
Format: Short film
Release: mid 2023
Director: Arjen Schotel
Cast: Steve Wall & Lucas Tavernier
Producer: Chev Productions (Amsterdam)
Co-producer: Peer Films
Writer: Arjen Schotel
Dop: Christiaan van Leeuwen
Editor: https://www.thepanics.com

Samuel, a lonely writer who has fallen ashore, spends his days in his secluded home in a gray, desolate valley. The loneliness and the dark environment have engulfed him and the walls seem to come towards him more and more. When he is about to end his life, he is suddenly interrupted by an external intruder. Samuel finds this individual by the cliffs by the sea and sees the man being swallowed by the waves. Despite his lousy state of mind, Samuel doesn't hesitate for a moment and rescues the man from the sea. To his great surprise, this unwanted intruder turns out to be a literal copy of himself. He brings the injured man into the house and takes care of him for 24 hours. But when Samuel gets up the next morning, the man is gone. He decides to find the man and goes outside, back to the cliffs. Samuel stands on the same rocks where he once saw the man for the first time. He looks up and sees the man standing, but before he understands what is going on, he himself is swallowed by the waves.


The world where this story takes place is a desolate environment where nature takes its own course. A place in an autumnal area in the middle of nowhere where the storm determines the atmosphere. High cliffs, stormy waves, a bitter wind and endless landscapes. In the midst of it all, a house stands proudly like the last beacon in this world of nothing. A greyish construction as a resistance against the void.

On the one hand, the vastness seems a metaphor for the freedom that our characters should experience, but on the other it also stands for emptiness, detachment and loneliness. Wherever you look, there is no sign of life at all. And there, deep in that one house, is someone tucked away like a dog that's been alone in a kennel for too long. No more social connection, no life, no attention of any kind. There in that deep bunker, he protects himself from everything out there, but slowly destroys himself inside.