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Builders of Ancient Mysteries

Genre: Documentary
Director: Patrice Pouillard
Cast: Graham Hancock, Christopher Dunn, Erik Gonthier, Mathias Buttet, Yanis Bitsakis, Mallku Aribalo
Composer: Jean Baptiste Sabiani
Dop: Alexandre Gadot, Guehama Films Woow Your Life, 2975 Contributeus
Editor: Patrice Pouillard, Sylvain Franchet
Country of origin: France
Total running time: 2h 18 minutes

After successfully opening the doors to some controversial discussions with his first film, Director Patrice Pouillard is back with his new documentary, digging even deeper. With the assistance of new and advanced technology and by finding more relevant and experienced experts to interview. This is an extremely factual film with incredible imagery and one that tells a story, asks the hard questions, but at the same time leaves plenty of space for thought.