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Leopard in the Land

Genre: Documentary
Director: Jim McEachen
Cast: Joe Rohde
Producer: James McEachen & Joe Rohde
Writer: James McEachen & Joe Rohde
Composer: Tenger Ayalguu
Awards: Officiality accepted:
Environmental Film Festival // Washington DC American Documentary Film Festival // Wild and Scenic Film Festival // Docutah Ojai Film Festival // Culture Unplugged Film Festival
Country of origin: United States
Total running time: 52'

Artist Joe Rohde sets out on a month-long horseback expedition across the Altai Mountains of Western Mongolia with the intention of painting large-scale landscapes to raise funds for Snow Leopard conservation. Facing blizzards, rebellious camels and the rapidly approaching Mongolian winter, it is a pilgrimage that explores why we travel, how we interact with the world around us, and the monumental effect that this has on everything else – including the elusive and enigmatic snow leopard.